Master of Applied Politics

The Master of Applied Politics program incorporates research and professional elements. The program offers practical skills such as policy, electoral and media analysis, survey instrument design, and problem solving in domestic and international contexts, that are grounded in the theoretical foundations of the discipline. The program encourages the development of a range of skills related to policy-making, the public service, advocacy and the private sector.

The major research project, consisting of a journal article, master's research paper, policy analysis project, or a public opinion project, encourages individual study programs that are flexibly tailored to personal research and career interests. Matched with a dynamic and diversified faculty, the MAP delivers an effective learning experience that is designed to facilitate student success.

Additional Information
Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to the master's program, a student must meet the general admission requirements of the university. An honours graduate in a program other than political science and general degree graduates may be admitted if evidence justifying admission is offered; however, a program of appropriate preparatory studies (qualifying year) may be required of such applicants. Honours graduates in political science may also be required to successfully complete additional undergraduate courses before they are admitted to the master's program.

Graduates of the Conestoga College Graduate Certificate in Public Service, having met the requirements above, will be considered for advanced standing to a maximum of 1.0 credit. 

Program Requirements

Our one-year program offers a variety of options to fulfill program requirements. Students may choose a course-work only option, consisting of eight half credit courses, or students may choose to undertake a Major Research Project (PO695*), in addition to six half credit courses. There are four options to complete the Major Research Project: the journal article option, master's research paper, public opinion project, or a policy analysis project. Admission to the Major Research Project will require the support of a faculty supervisor and the graduate co-ordinator. Students will apply for the Master Research Project at the end of their first semester of graduate studies.

All students must complete the two core courses: PO601 - the Craft of Political Science and PO602 - Applied Political Analysis.

ther course requirements:

  • Students wishing to complete the policy analysis project must take PO604 - Understanding and Applying Public Policy Analysis
  • Students wishing to complete the public opinion project must take PO633 - Public Opinion and Survey Design

With the approval of the graduate co-ordinator and the dean of graduate & postdoctoral studies, students may choose some of their electives from those courses offered by other master's programs at Laurier, or by another university.