Master of Computer Science

This innovative graduate degree shows students how to turn technical knowledge into practical real-world skills so they can thrive as an innovator, an entrepreneur and become a leader in any development team. Each course in the program is designed to improve overall competencies, mindset and practical skillset so that students can utilize and connect a variety of development tools, solve problems and innovate.

This program  is offered online only.

Additional Information
Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the MCS program, students must meet the general admission requirements of the University, and must have an honours degree in Computer Science or a closely related area that includes courses in data structure, object-oriented programming, and software engineering. A final year average of at least B+ is usually required, along with a cumulative average of at least B+ in all computer science courses.

Applications are reviewed by the Graduate Studies Committee, which considers all prior university grades and letters of reference. 

Program Requirements

The Master of Computer Science program is completed online, on a part-time, coursework-only basis. Students in the online program complete the following:

  • CP600 - Practical Algorithm Design (required)
  • CP601 - Seminar in Technology Entrepreneurship (required)
  • six courses selected from
    • CP610 - Data Analysis
    • CP614 - Applied Cryptography
    • CP630 - Enterprise Computing
    • CP631 - Advanced Parallel Programming
    • CP640 - Machine Learning
    • CP669 - iPhone Application Programming
    • CP670 - Android Application Programming
    • CP685 - Cyber Attack and Defense