Master of Arts in History

The Tri-University master's program offers high quality instruction and research advice for students who want to pursue a master's degree in history. All three options in the program emphasize the development of analytical and critical skills in oral and written forms, a knowledge of defined areas of historical literature, and the ability to complete a written piece of independent research and defend it orally before faculty and peers.

The program serves students who intend to go on to doctoral studies in history, as well as those who seek a terminal degree before proceeding to professional employment which places a premium on critical thinking and analytical research skills. The course-only option permits the pursuit of a broader range of historical interests. The program is premised on the principle that the study of history provides a useful body of knowledge for the understanding of politics, culture and structure of contemporary society, and also develops skills in reasoning and self-expression.

Additional Information
Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to the master's program, a student must meet the general admission requirements of the university. In addition, a minimum admission average of B+ in the last two years of undergraduate study, exclusive of first year level courses in those two years, is required. Honours graduates in a program other than history or general degree graduates may be admitted if evidence justifying admission is offered; however, a program of appropriate preparatory studies (qualifying year) will be required of such applicants. 

Language Requirement

Students are expected to be proficient in the language or languages needed in their areas of research.

Program Requirements

A candidate for the Master of Arts degree in history has three alternative options of study. The thesis option includes four seminar courses and a research requirement of a thesis with an oral defence (HI699 - Thesis). The major research paper option includes six seminar courses and a research requirement of a major research paper with an oral defence (HI695* - Major Research Paper). The course-only option includes eight seminar courses and a requirement to write a research paper in at least three of the eight courses in which the student is enrolled. To meet the general comprehensive requirement of the university, all courses are organized as seminars. Some seminars are devoted largely to the methodology, preparation and presentation of research papers based on primary sources. The choice of the option of study for any individual student will be made through consultation between the student and the department, but the final decision rests with the department.