International Policy Option

The International Policy option consists of 4.5 credits (3.5 required and 1.0 elective). 

Required Core Courses (3.5 credits):

  1. EC120, EC140, GS101, PO245 and PO231 or PO232.
  2. One of BU205/EC205, BU255/EC255, EC285, KP262, MA240, MA241, GG254, PO218, PS291, PS292, PS295, PS296, SY382 or an equivalent statistics course approved by the School of International Policy and Governance.
  3. IP300

Elective Courses (1.0 credits)

Two electives (1.0 credit) in courses focused on international policy issues, including the following courses and others as approved by the School of International Policy and Governance:

EC207, EC238, EC239, EC246, EC249, EC307, EC316
GG261, GG263, GG272, GG273, GG290, GG291, GG356, GG362, GG363, GG367, GG389, GG391, GG397, GG398, GG493
GS232, GS311, GS323, GS331, GS335, GS351, GS361, GS435, GS461
HE411, HE301, HE400
HI256, HI306
PO220, PO232, PO321, PO322, PO323, PO326, PO329, PO330, PO331, PO332, PO333, PO334, PO345, PO420, PO433, PO470, PO494
SY316*, SY321, SY333, SY405, SY422.

Students should note that many of the elective courses have prerequisites courses that must be satisfied prior to registration.

Additional Information

  1. Honours program students with a minimum overall GPA of 7.00 at the end of Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3 are eligible to apply for the International Policy Option. A cumulative GPA of 7.00 in the courses specific to the International Policy Option is required to graduate.
  2. At least 2.5 of the required 4.5 credits in the option must be completed at Wilfrid Laurier University.
  3. Completion of the International Policy Option requirements will result in a "International Policy Option" designation on student transcripts and degree. The option is open to all honours students.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Addition May 28, 2015: New option; effective September 1, 2015.