Medievalism Studies Option

Medievalism Studies Option consist of 4.0 credits as follows:

ML200 - The Middle Ages Today: Medievalism in Contemporary Culture (0.5 credit)

Plus 3.5 credits from the following list:
ML101 - Harry Potter and Medieval Culture (or ENGL 108P at U. Waterloo)
ML103 - Digital Valhallas: The Vikings in Video Games
ML104 - The Middle Ages on Television
ML300 - Special Topics (as appropriate with co-ordinator's permission)
ML302 - The Middle Ages Again
ML303 - Medievalism and Pseudohistory
ML304 - Medievalism in Science Fiction
ML305 - Medievalism in Video Games
ML306 - Medievalism and the Digital
ML400 - Senior Seminar in Medieval Studies (as appropriate, with co-ordinator’s permission)
AR230 - Fakes, Frauds and Mysteries
EN231 - Arthurian Traditions (or ENGL 208H at U. Waterloo)
EN234 - Shakespeare’s Tragedies and Histories
EN237 - The Fairy Tale (or ENGL 208A at U. Waterloo)
EN238 - Tolkien and Fantasy
HI260 - History on Film (as appropriate, with co-ordinator’s permission)
MU471 - Music and Medievalism

Additional Information

  1. Majors in Medieval and Medievalism Studies may not declare this option. This option is open for non Medieval and Medievalism majors.
  2. A minimum of 2.0 credits must be at the senior level.