Physical Forensics Minor

Forensic science related to the human body is a valuable tool in fields such as healthcare, the justice system, social work, and human rights. Divisions of forensic science such as DNA analysis, trace evidence, and toxicology collect and analyse evidence during criminal investigations. This minor is designed for students without a science background to develop their scientific knowledge in forensics related to the human body to complement their major field of study.

The minor in Physical Forensics consists of 3.0 credits:

HS103 - Introduction to Forensic Science
HS202 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I
HS204 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
HS206 - Genetics and the Human Genome
HS333 - Forensic Laboratory Methods I
HS334 - Forensic Laboratory Methods II

Additional Information

  1. Students in the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Applied Health Sciences Program are excluded from the completion of this minor.
  2. Refer also to the Regulations Governing Minors.