Honours BA Economics and Data Analytics

The program consists of 20.0 credits. A minimum of 8.5 and a maximum of 13.5 credits are in Economics, plus an additional 1.0 senior credit in Economics, Business or a cognate discipline. Refer to the following for further program requirements:

Required Courses:

EC120, EC140, EC270, EC281, EC290, EC295, EC370, EC390, EC395, EC481;

MA103, CP103 or CP104, DATA100, DATA200, MA122, MA200, ST259, ST260, ST362, MA371, ST494, and an additional 0.5-credit ST course at the 300 or 400 level.

Additional Courses (4.5 credits):
3.5 senior credits in Economics, including at least 2.0 credits in Economics at the 300 or 400 level;
plus 1.0 senior credit either in Economics, Business, Mathematics, or Statistics.

Progression Requirements

  1. Progression requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 5.00 in Economics, and a minimum overall GPA of 4.00. Refer to the Progression section of the Undergraduate University Regulations. 
  2. Graduation requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 7.00 in Economics, a minimum cumulative GPA of 5.00 in CP/DATA/MA/ST courses, and a minimum overall GPA of 5.00.  
  3. A student who has successfully completed all of the courses of their Honours BA Economics and Data Analytics program, but who has not achieved the GPA required for graduation from that program, may elect to receive a BA degree (without General or Honours) which denotes the major of the honours program and a maximum of two eligible options/minors. An overall GPA of 4.0 and a major GPA of 5.00 must be met

Program Regulations

To remain eligible for Lazaridis School Co-operative Education, a student in this program must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 7.00 in Economics courses and a cumulative overall GPA of at least 6.00. In addition to the GPA requirements, a student must complete 5.0 credits by August 31 of each year in the program.

The Honours BA Economics and Data Analytics program cannot be combined with any option or minor offered by the Department of Mathematics.

Students in this program cannot take EC285 to meet degree requirements, and must instead take ST259 and ST260 as prerequisites for EC295.

Program Notes

Students who intend on taking senior-level computer science electives are encouraged to take CP104 rather than CP103 to meet program requirements.

Based on the results of the Calculus Placement Evaluation, an entering student may be advised to complete MA102 prior to completing MA103.