Certificate in Digital Media Skills II

The Digital Media Skills II Certificate provides students with the opportunity to expand on their learning from the Digital Media Skills I Certificate. The courses included encourage students to build on the fundamentals of digital media production (i.e., capturing, editing, and distributing audio, video, and digital images and delivering a professional, engaging on- air vocal performance) through the creation of feature-length, research-based projects. 

The certificate consists of 2.0 credits and is to be completed concurrently with studentsí degree program(s). 

Required Courses: 2.0 credits (courses are 0.5 credits each)  

DMJN252 - Designing Digital and Social Media
DMJN330 - Audio Storytelling II
DMJN331 - Videography II
DMJN332 - Photography and Digital Imaging II

Additional Information
Additional Information

  1. Students in the Honours Digital Media and Journalism Program are ineligible from completing this certificate. 
  2. All 2.0 credits counted towards the Certificate must be taken at Wilfrid Laurier University. 
  3. A minimum GPA of 4.0 in all courses taken in the program in order to satisfy certificate completion. 

Students are able to take the Digital Media Skills I undergraduate certificate concurrently with the Digital Media Skills II undergraduate certificate as long as prerequisites are met.