Social Innovation Minor

The Social Innovation Minor consists of 3.0 credits including:

  • Required Courses: 1.0 credits
    SE200 - How to Change the World: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship (OC)
    OL298 - Entrepreneurship

  • 1.5 credit chosen from:
    SOJE204 - Social and Environmental Justice in Practice
    SOJE310 - Critical perspectives on Social policy and the Economy
    SOJE312 - Sustainability and Global Society
    SOJE324 - Culture Industries in the Global Era
    SOJE401 - Food Justice
    SOJE403* - Community Internship (1.0 credit)

  • 0.5 credit chosen from:
    UX103 - UX Strategy
    DMJN253 - Introduction to Public and Media Relations
    HR305 - Fundraising

Additional Information

Refer to the Regulations Governing Minors.