Honours BA Spanish in Combination with another Honours BA Program

The combined Honours Spanish program consists of 20.0 credits, of which at least 14.0 must be at the senior level. 7 credits of which A minimum of 6.0 senior Spanish credits is required.

Required 100 Level Courses (1.0 credit):

SP101 - Introduction to Spanish I
SP102 - Introduction to Spanish II
Or SP100* - Intensive Introductory Spanish

Required 200 Level Courses (1.5 credits):

SP201 - Intermediate Spanish
SP250 - Intermediate Composition and Conversation
SP223 - Introduction to Spanish Literature OR SP228 - Introduction to Latin American Literature

A Minimum of 4.5 Senior Credits Taken From:

SP220 - Spanish Cultural Studies
SP223 - Introduction to Spanish Literature (if not counted as required see note 2)
SP228 - Introduction to Latin American Literature (if not counted as required see note 2)
SP265 - Spanish language through cinema
SP266 - Approaches to Literary Texts
SP288* - Study Abroad
SP308 - Spanish Phonetics & Phonology
SP318 - Spanish Grammar & Structure
SP321 - Intellectual History of Spain and Latin America
SP325 - Spanish Art, Music and Media
SP327 - Cervantes, His Time and Legacy
SP328 - Contemporary Hispanic Theatre
SP401 - Advanced Communication Strategies
SP405 - Re-Thinking the Female Body in Hispanic Art and Literature
SP408 - Spanish in Society
SP436 - Reading Across the Genre Divide
SP446 - Love in Medieval Spanish Literature
SP451 - Stylistics and Professional Writing
SP465 - Spanish and Latin American Cinema
SP466 - Subversive Narratives in the Hispanic World
SP496 - Coming of Age

Other Electives (13.0 credits): These credits form part of the other HBA and other electives.

Additional Information
Program Notes

  1. Students with OAC or Grade 12U Spanish must replace SP100*, or both SP101 and SP102 with 1.0 senior credit in Spanish.
  2. SP223 and SP228 if not counted as required 200 level courses can be taken to complete 4.5 senior level courses.
  3. Among the 4.5 senior credits, students may only take a maximum of 1.0 credit of courses taught in English (SP220 at Laurier and SPAN courses at UW taught in Spanish). Consult with the Languages and Literatures Undergraduate Officer regarding UW course options, prerequisites, and exclusions.
  4. Refer to the UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS chapter for progression and course regulations and the earlier section regarding Regulations for All Honours Programs.