Honours BA French

The Honours French program consists of a minimum of 20.0 credits, of which at least 14.0 must be at the senior level. Students must take at least 10.0 but no more than 12.0 credits in French, at least 9.0 of which must be senior.

Required courses (1.0 credit):

In addition to the requirements above (9.0 credits):

Degree Program Electives: An additional 10.0 credits  toward  the degree total of 20.0 credits; only 2.0 credits may be FR. 

Additional Information
Program Notes

  1. The following French courses must be taken in numerical sequence: FR101, FR102, FR150, FR151, FR250, FR251, FR360. Students may not take any of these courses out of sequence, and they cannot take any two of them simultaneously.
  2. Students should refer to the following guide to register for the proper level of French:

    Grade 10 French or lower: FR101
    Grade 11 French: FR102
    Grade 12 Core, or Extended French, or Immersion French: FR150
    Graduation from a French High School: FR250

  3. Language courses must be taken in sequence, except with permission of the department.
  4. Students are encouraged to take part in an exchange program at a French-speaking university. Contact Laurier International for details.
  5. Refer to the University Regulations chapter for progression and course regulations and the earlier section regarding Regulations for All Honours Programs.