Arabic Studies Minor

The Minor in Arabic Studies consists of 3.0 credits:

1.5 credits are in the target language: AB101, AB102, AB201 and AB202.

1.5 credits in additional senior-level AB language courses or culture courses taught in English from the following list:
AB245 - The Arab Spring: A Cultural Approach
AB246 - Media representations of Arab-Muslims
AB306 - Hollywood and Arab-Muslims
GS422 - Dialogue and Critique in an Age of Terror
HI265 - Ten Moments that made the Middle East
MZ200 - Introduction to Muslim Studies
MZ201/RE213 - Religious Heritage of Islam
MZ300 - Special Topics in Muslim Studies
RE101 - Religions of the Americas: Asian and Middle Eastern
RE227 - Religions and Cultures of the Middle East
RE301 - Muslims in Europe

It is strongly recommended that students take LL200 and/or LL201, MI201 and/or MI202.

Additional Information