Intercultural Understanding Specialization

The Specialization in Intercultural Understanding will provide students with the fundamental skills to become global citizens of a multicultural world: respect for cultural difference, tolerance for ambiguity, and critical self-reflection.

Completion of the specialization will result in an “Intercultural Understanding Specialization” on official transcripts.

The Specialization consists of 1.5 credits as follows

AN210 - Intercultural Competencies; 

1.0 credit outside the Anthropology program, from the list of the following:

EN211 - Roots, Race, Resistance: Post-Colonial Literature
EN252 - Multiculturalism and Literature
EN280 - Introduction to Indigenous Literatures
EN330 - Human Rights in Contemporary Cultural Forms
GG270 - Cultural Geographies
GG376 - Cultural Heritage Landscapes
GG370 - Geographies of Violence
GS220/RE221 - Being Human in a Global Age
GS221 - The Cosmopolitan Village?
GS325 - Religion, Culture and Society
GS351 - Nature, Culture and Development
GS357 - Gender and Sexualities in Global Context
GS421 - Ethical Encounters
GS422 - Dialogue and Critique in an Age of Terror
GS461 - Global humanitarianism: Between Gift and Power
HI253 - Race, Rights and the Law in Early United States History
HI256 - Human Rights in World History
HI258 - Indigenous Peoples and Empires
HI322 - Social History of Modern Canada
HI325 - Imperial Fantasies: The Rise and Fall of the British empire
HI344 - Indigenous Eastern Canada: Peoples and Societies Under Colonialism
HI345 - Indigenous Western Canada: Peoples & Societies under Colonialism
NO211 - Canadian Identities and Cultures
NO230/PO230 - Decolonizing North America
PO373/NO330 - Indigenous Peoples and Public Policy
PP223 - Contemporary Moral Issues
RE205 - Canadian Religious Controversies
RE288* - Religion and Culture Abroad
RE301 - Muslims in Europe
RE331 - Religious Diversity in Contemporary Canada
RE333 - Food and Religion
SK311 - Reconciliation and Indigenous-Social Work Relations
SY324 - Sociology of Food and Culture
SY332 - Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
WS211 - Diverse Masculinities
WS306 - Women and Social Justice
WS310 - Transnational Sexualities
WS490 - Advanced Topics in Women and Gender Studies

Additional Information

  1. Available only to Honours Anthropology students.
  2. May not be combined with Intercultural Understanding Option