Honours BA Anthropology in Combination with another Honours BA Program

The combined Honours Anthropology program consists of 20.0 credits, of which at least 14.0 must be at the senior level. A minimum of 6.0 senior Anthropology credits is required.

Required 100 level Anthropology Courses:

One of: AN100, AN110, AN120;
One of: AN100, AN110, AN120, AR101, CS100, GS101, KS100, RE100, SY101, WS100 (AN100, AN110, AN120 cannot double count);

Required AN Courses:
AN200, AN300, AN450, and AN452;
at least 0.5 additional 200-level AN credit;
at least 1.5 additional 300-level AN credits

an additional 2.0 senior AN credits, no more than 1.0 of which may be taken as Anthropology-approved courses offered by other academic units (list below).

Degree Program Electives:
An additional 13.0 credits toward the degree total of 20.0 credits, which includes the second BA major.

Additional Information
Anthropology Approved Courses:

AR203 - Becoming Human
CMEG300 - Introduction to Community Engagement
CMEG301 - Social Inclusion, Local Democracy and Community Enterprise
CMEG305* - Semester in Community Engagement
CS202 - Nonverbal Communication
DH200 - Digital Narratives
DH300 - Digital Editing and Publishing
EN220 - Reading Popular Culture
EN330 - Human Rights in Contemporary Cultural Forms
ES295 - Ecotourism and the Environment
GG270 - Cultural Geographies
GG370 - Geographies of Violence
GG376 - Cultural Heritage Landscapes
GS201 - Theories in Global Studies
GS220 - Being Human in a Global Age
GS221 - The Cosmopolitan Village?
GS361 - Disasters, Vulnerability, Resilience
GS425 - The Global Lives of Natural Resources
GS461 - Global humanitarianism: Between Gift and Power
HI389/MU310 - Music, Sound and Environment
MI201 - Mediterranean Culture and Civilization I
MI202 - Mediterranean Culture and Civilization II
PO373 - Indigenous Peoples and Public Policy
RE216 - Christianity and Modernity on Television
RE285 - Religion and Culture of the African Diaspora
RE308 - Conducting Fieldwork
RE318 - Canadian Indigenous Worldviews & Traditions
RE333 - Food and Religion
RE440 - Language, Ideology and Identity
SP220 - Spanish Cultural Studies
SY321 - Sociology of Medicine
SY332 - Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SY338 - Women and Development
WS212 - Food and Feminism
WS490 - Advanced Topics in Women and Gender Studies

Program Notes

  1. Students are advised that senior courses not offered by Anthropology may have prerequisites and other exclusions for which the student is responsible, and may not be offered every calendar year.
  2. Anthropology Honours students will not be given special permission to enrol in the Anthropology-Approved Courses, if these courses are full.
  3. Refer to the University Regulations chapter for progression and course regulations and the earlier section regarding Regulations for All Honours Programs.