Legal Studies Specialization

The Political Science Honours BA with Legal Studies Specialization consists of 2.5 credits. Honours Political Science students with a minimum overall GPA of 7.0 at the end of Years 1, 2 or 3 are eligible to apply.

A cumulative GPA of 7.00 in the courses specific to the Legal Studies Specialization is required to graduate.

  • At least 1.5 of the required 2.5 credits in the Specialization must be completed at Wilfrid Laurier University.
  • Completion of the Specialization requirements will result in a "Legal Studies Specialization" designation on the student transcript.

Required Courses (2.5 credits):

  1. PO210
  2. 2.0 credits from: PO209, PO212, PO331, PO333, PO350, PO371, PO380, PO381, PO382, PO383, PO389 (refer to Note 2 below).

Additional Information

  1. These courses count towards the minimum 10.5 PO credit requirements for Honours Political Science.
  2. More than one PO389 (Special Topics) course may be used to fulfil this requirement; consult the department.