Teaching Option

A Teaching Option consists of 4.0 credits: five core half-credit courses offered through the Faculty of Education, plus three elective half-credit courses from an approved list. The Teaching Option is designed to provide students with a foundational course of study focusing on teaching. Courses taken in the option may not count toward fulfilling requirements for the teaching specialization ("teachable") at the Junior/Intermediate level.

For graduation with a Teaching Option, students must have a minimum GPA of 6.00 computed on all 4.0 credits in the option, as well as a minimum GPA of 10.0 in the required content courses.

Required core content courses: (1.5 credits) 

  1. EM110 - Foundations of Teaching
  2. EM212 - Remodeling Relationships with Mathematics
  3. EM310 - Cultural Competency in Teaching: Attending to the TRC’s Calls to Action in the Classroom

Electives: (1.5 credits)   
EM101 - Images of Education in Media
EM202 - The Educational Divide
EM203 - Learning in 280 Characters or Less
EM300 - Teaching in Non-School Contexts
EM301 - Seminars in Education
EM432° - Introduction to Mathematical Cognition and Exceptionalities
UU201 - Computational Thinking across Disciplines

Required Experiential Placement: (1.0 credits)  
EM299 - Experiential Learning in Teaching I: Engaging in Reflection and Analysis
EM399 - Experiential Learning in Teaching II: Engaging in Reflection and Analysis