Music Minor

A minor in music consists of 3.0 credits from courses in at least two of three categories: 
Culture and Society (C), Performance and Production (P) and Style and Structure (S), .

1.0 Credit Required courses: 0.5 credits from two of three categories (C, P and S):
S: one of MU121 (OC), MU161, MU162.
C: MU100.
P: one of MU181, (Note 1, 2), MU146, (Note 1), MU160, or an Approved External Ensemble (Note 3).

2.0 Credits of Music Courses at the 200-level or higher, from at least two of the following lists of courses (C, P and S). Note that some courses have prerequisites.

Category C: Culture and Society
Category S:
Style and Structure
Category P
: Performance and Production
(Note 4).

Additional Information
Program Notes

  1. An audition may be required; consult the Faculty of Music academic advisor.
  2. Normally MU181@C (University choir), although students may audition for any of the Faculty of Music ensembles during Orientation week if they play an appropriate instrument at a Royal Conservatory of Music Grade VIII level.
  3. Students may petition to have the 100-level Performance and Production requirement waived if they participate in an auditioned community ensemble,such as the KW Symphony Youth Orchestra, Grand Philharmonic Choir, etc. Students are advised to check with the Faculty of Music prior to registering for such an ensemble if they intend to use it to fulfil the Music Minor in order to ensure the ensemble will qualify. Note that a Music Minor will still require a total of 3.0 credits earned through courses taken at Laurier or (1.0 for minor on a letter of permission).
  4. Students may also use courses from the Modern Audio Arts program at Conestoga College to satisfy a 0.5-credit elective in Music Production, on a letter of permission.
  5. Students may only declare one of the Option or Minor in Music
  6. Refer to university-wide Regulations Governing Minors/Options.