Honours BA Youth and Children’s Studies in Combination with another Honours BA Program

The combined Honours Youth and Children's Studies program consists of 20.0 credits, including no more than 7.0 credits at the 100 level.

PS101, PS102 and UU150 must be completed as prerequisites for required senior level Psychology courses.

The Youth and Children’s Studies program consists of 7.5 required credits:

A) Required Courses: 5.5 credits

4.5 credits (7 x 0.5-credit courses plus 1 x 1.0 credit):
ID120/SOJE120 - Introduction to Indigenous Studies
PS275 - Introduction to Developmental Psychology: Infancy and Childhood
PS276 - Introduction to Developmental Psychology: Adolescence and Young Adulthood
YC100 - Studying Youth and Children: An Introduction
YC200 - Youth and Children Through the Ages
YC201 - Research Methods: Youth and Children
YC300* - Youth and Children’s Studies Community Service Learning
YC400 - Senior Seminar in Youth and Children’s Studies

And 1.0 credits (2 x 0.5 credit courses) chosen from:
YC208/ID208 - Indigenous Play and Games
YC302/ID302 - Indigenous Children and Families
ID303 - Indigenous Pedagogy
YC401/ID401 - Indigenous Allyship and Kinship

B) Additional Requirements: 2.0 credits:

0.5 credit may be chosen from:
CC200 - Youth Justice
EN201 - Children's Literature
EN285 - Tween Literature and Culture
EN286 - Young Adult Literature
LY216 - Family and Law
PS283 - Educational Psychology
YC230 - Children and Music (Online)
YC245 - Children, Numeracy and Society
YC231/WORK231 - Millennial Workers: Children, Youth and Labour

A minimum of 1.0 credit (2 x 0.5-credit courses) at the 300 level:
HS307 - Child and Youth Health
HI375 - Seeking Justice: The Family and Law in Canada, 1867-1969
PS379 - Psychology of Exceptional Children, Youth and Adults
YC310 - Adoption: Past and Present
YC319/HR319 - Children/Youth and Disabilities: Inclusion and Human Rights
YC320/HR320 - Children’s Rights
YC326/SOJE326 - Children, Toys and Media
YC350 - Special Topics in Youth and Children’s Studies
YC365/HR365 - Immigrant and Ethno-Racial Youth
YC302/ID302 - Indigenous Children and Families and/or ID303 - Indigenous Pedagogy may be completed if they are not being counted towards section A requirements.

A minimum of 0.5 credit at the 400 level:
YC420 - Picturing Childhood: Representations of the Child through Time
YC430/SOJE430 - Youth Cultures
YC440 - Youth and Sexuality
YC490 - Directed Research

YC401/ID401 - Indigenous Allyship and Kinship may be completed if it is not being counted towards section A requirements.

Students should be aware that some other discipline courses have prerequisites that must be completed prior to registration.

Degree Program ElectivesAn additional 12.5 credits toward the degree total of 20.0 credits. All students in the program must complete successfully the Foundations curriculum: BF190, BF199, BF290, BF299.

Additional Information
Program Notes

  1. Refer to the University Regulations chapter for progression and course regulations and the earlier section regarding Regulations for All Honours Programs.
  2. YC490 - Directed Research may be completed to fulfill a category requirement that best reflects the content of the course,subject to approval of the program co-ordinator.
  3. Wilfrid Laurier’s Faculty of Education will reserve a minimum of 8 places in the BEd Program for P-J students and 5 places per teachable subject for J/I students, not to exceed 8 overall each year for graduates of the Youth and Children’s Studies program. Applicants meeting the following requirements should contact the YC program co-ordinator for application procedures: a minimum GPA of 75% or above in their most recent 10.0 credits, 50 or more hours of relevant experiences with children or youth, and prerequisites of the relevant teachable (for J/I only).