Indigenous Studies Minor

Students completing the Indigenous Studies minor must complete 3.0 credits of ID, including ID120/SOJE120, and a minimum of 2.0 senior ID credits.

A maximum of 1.0 credit of the following courses may be included as ID electives towards the minor:
AN201 - Indigenous Peoples of Canada: Ethnohistorical Perspectives
AN211/RE211 - Indigenous Religions
AN229 - Indigenous Peoples of Canada: Contemporary Issues
AN355/GS355/RE355 - Indigenous Peoples in Global Context
AR219* - Introduction to Field Archaeology
AR222 - Archaeological Mysteries of North America
AR229 - Indigenous Archaeology
AR336 - Cultural Resource Management in Archaeology
EN280 - Introduction to Indigenous Literatures
ES371 - Indigenous Environmental Knowledges
FS355 - Indigenous Film
HI258 - Indigenous Peoples and Empires
HI344 - Indigenous Eastern Canada: Peoples and Societies Under Colonialism
HI345 - Indigenous Western Canada: Peoples & Societies under Colonialism
HR355/SOJE355 - Advancing Racial and Ethnic Equality
NO230 - Decolonizing North America - See Note 2 below
NO330/PO373 - Indigenous Peoples and Public Policy
RE318 - Canadian Native Religious Traditions
SK422 - Indigenous Wholistic Healing

Additional Information
Program Notes

  1. The ID minor is available at the Brantford and Waterloo campuses.
  2. Only 0.5 credit from either NO230 or ID360 may be counted towards the minor.
  3. Refer also to the Regulations Governing Minors.