General BA without Designation

Faculty of Science

Progression and Graduation Requirements

Students in a general Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program without a major, option or minor may progress and graduate if they achieve an overall grade point average of 4.00 (C-).

Course Distribution

A general BA degree program without designation must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. at least 15.0 credits in total, including:
  2. at least 8.0 credits at the senior level (200, 300 or 400 level)
  3. at least 8.0 credits from the Faculty of Science
  4. at least 1.0 credit from the following list of subject codes: AS, BI, CH, CP, DATA, GG (Physical geography only), HN, KP201, KP218, MA, PC or PS (PS courses must have a 6 as the middle digit e.g., PS26x), SC, ST, WASC
  5. a maximum of 3.0 credits in Business
  6. a minimum of 5.0 senior credits must be taken at Wilfrid Laurier University.


The Business course maximum includes all Business, Commerce and Management courses taken at another post-secondary institution.