Honours BA Environmental Studies

The Honours Environmental Studies program consists of 20.0 credits, of which at least 14.0 must be at the senior level. A minimum of 11.0 and a maximum of 14.0 credits may be in Environmental Studies and Geography, including those specified as follows:

[Note that if GESC courses are taken, they must count as Environmental Studies electives]

Core Courses (8.5 credits):

ES110, GG101, GG102;
ES296, ES297, GESC251, GESC254, GESC258, GESC290, GG281, GG282, ES392, GESC399
one of: ES393, ES394, GESC391, GESC398,
one of: GESC360 GG333, GG351, GG355, GG361, GG368, GG369;
1.0 credit from ES401*, ES496, ES498, GESC450*, GESC451, GESC465*, GESC493, GESC494, GG462, GG480, GG481, GG482, GG486, GG489

In addition:
ES, GESC or GG electives: Students are required to take an additional 2.5 to 5.5 credits of ES, GG or GESC courses, of which a minimum of 1.0 credit must be at the 300 or 400 level
Non-GES electives: Students must obtain at least 6.0 credits from courses other than ES, GESC or GG.

    Additional Information
    Program Regulations

    1. Progression into Year 2 requires a minimum GPA of 5.00 in ES110, GG101 and GG102, and a minimum overall GPA of 4.00. Progression into subsequent years requires a minimum overall GPA of 4.00. Graduation requires a minimum GPA of 7.00 in and all ES/GESC/GG electives taken towards the Honours Environmental Studies program, and a minimum overall GPA of 5.00.
    2. Students may wish (but are not required) to include as non-ES/GG electives some of the following: AN201, AN229, AR246, BI206, BI266, BI300, BI306, BI309, BI400, BI405, BI464, BI468, BI488, BU321, CH233, CH234, EC236, EC238, EC318, GS211, GS212, GS311, GS351, HI342, HI343, HI424*, PP223, PP224, PP226, PO220, PO316, SY338, WS305.
    3. Students are advised that many senior elective courses in ES, GG and other programs have prerequisites and should consider this when planning their course schedules.