Honours BA International Education Studies

The Honours BA degree will require a total of 20.0 credits, including 6.0 credits in Global Studies, 6.5 credits in Education, 1.0 credit of required language study (language other than English), 0.5 100-level credit of Women and Gender Studies, 0.5 senior-level credit from either Religion and Culture, Women and Gender Studies or Anthropology, and either:
(a) 1.0 additional credits of language study (language other than English) or
(b) 2.5 credits for the TEFL Certificate.

At least 14 senior credits are required for degree completion, which means that to complete their degree in 20 credits students must take not more than 6.0 credits in 100 level courses (refer to exception below).

Required Courses:

Year 1 (5.0 credits)
GS101 - Introduction to Global Studies
GS102 - Mapping Global Studies: Culture, Conflict, Development
INED101 - General Teaching Methods
INED103 - Introduction to Education in International Contexts
INED104 - Theories of Learning and Development
WS100 - Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
Non-English Language study (1.0 credit)
Electives (1.0 credit)

Year 2 (5.0 credits)
GS201 - Theories in Global Studies
GS202 - Methods in Global Studies
Additional GS 200 level electives (1.0 credit)
INED201 - Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy
INED203 - Language and Literacy Development in Multilingual Contexts
INED204 - Introduction to Mathematics Education OR YC243
EM202 - The Educational Divide(online)
0.5 senior credit from either Religion and Culture, Women and Gender Studies or Anthropology
Elective (0.5 credit)

Year 3 (5.75 credits)
TEFL Certificate Program (Standard 1; 2.5 credits) OR
at least 1.0 in additional non-English language credits (with 1.5 other electives)
Additional GS 300 level electives (1.0 credit)
GS391° - Global Experience Pre-Placement
INED301 - Introduction to Adult Education
GS392 - Global Experience Placement Global Experience Placement 0.5 credit OR
GS393* - Global Experience Extended Placement Global Experience Extended Placement 1.0 credit
INED302 - Issues and Practice in International Education Studies Issues and Practice in International Education Studies 0.5 credit
Both taken during spring/summer leading into Year 4

Year 4 (4.25 credits)
INED401 - Educational Leadership in International Contexts
INED402 - International Integrated Curriculum
GS394° - Global Experience Post-Placement
1.0 GS 400 level credit; plus 0.5 additional senior GS credit (1.5 credits)
Electives (1.5 credits)

Option for Program Graduates Intending to Apply to a BEd Program
For students planning to apply to a BEd Junior/Intermediate program (teaching grades 4-10), electives in the BA(IES) can be arranged such that they fulfill prerequisites for a teaching specialization. Most BEd programs require 3 full credits or 6 half-credits in upper year courses. Laurier offers certification in the following teaching specializations: Math, Science, English, French as a Second Language, History, Health and Physical Education, Music (Vocal or Instrumental) and Geography. Refer to Wilfrid Laurier Faculty of Education web site.

For additional details on BEd admission requirements:

Recommended Electives

The following potential elective courses would align with the BA (IES). Enrolment in these electives would be subject to any pre-requisites and other restrictions.

FR300 - Teaching, Learning and Thinking in French (0.5, Waterloo)
HR260/CT260 (O.5, Brantford)
HR261 - Multiculturalism (0.5, Brantford)
ID120/CT120 (0.5, Brantford)
LL224 - Language Acquisition, Cognition, and Society (0.5, Waterloo)
RE207 - Studying Religion (0.5, Waterloo)
RE211 - Indigenous Religions (0.5, Waterloo)
RE321 - Gandhi: Non-Violence and the Struggle for Freedom (0.5, Waterloo)
RE332 - Sacred Space (0.5, Waterloo)
RE333 - Food and Religion (0.5, Waterloo)
RE366 - Religion and Violence (0.5, Waterloo)
RE372 - Women's Lives and Religious Values (0.5, Waterloo)
RE380 - Religion and Social Change (0.5, Waterloo)
SE200 - How to Change the World: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship  (0.5, Waterloo)
WS201 - Gender, Subjectivity and Resistance (0.5, Waterloo)
WS211 - Diverse Masculinities (0.5, Waterloo)
WS304 - Gender and Colonial Legacies (0.5, Waterloo)
WS306 - Women and Social Justice (0.5, Waterloo)
WS310 - Transnational Sexualities (0.5, Waterloo)
YC320/HR320 - Children’s Rights (0.5, Brantford)
YC365/HR365 - Immigrant and Ethno-Racial Youth (0.5, Brantford)
YC430/CT430 (0.5, Brantford)

Program Regulations

  1. Progression requirements for the honours BA program are based on grade point averages (GPA) obtained from all courses taken and will be calculated on a cumulative basis. For progression, the requirement will be a minimum GPA of 5.00 (C) across GS and INED courses and a minimum overall GPA of 5.00. For graduation, a minimum cumulative GPA of 7.00 (B-) across GS and INED courses and a minimum overall GPA of 5.00 is required.
  2. This major may not be combined with any other BA major. Students may not declare a minor in Education or Global Studies.
  3. If a student does not satisfactorily complete the graduation requirements for the BIES (minimum GPA of 7.0 for honours, and minimum 5.0 for the major), they may be eligible for a General BA.
  4. Refer to the University Regulations chapter for progression and course regulations and the earlier section regarding Regulations for All Honours Programs.

TEFL Certificate credits

Students who successfully complete the TEFL Certificate through Conestoga College will have the following credit applied to their Laurier record:

  • 1.75 miscellaneous INED credits at the 200-level
  •  0.75 miscellaneous INED credits at the 300-level

The 2.5 credits for the TEFL Certificate are:

OHS1320: Safety in the Workplace: 0.25 INED miscellaneous credit at the 200 level

TESL8200: Foundations for English Language Learning: 1.0 INED miscellaneous credit at the 200 level

TESL8210: Foundations for English Language Teaching I: 0.50 INED miscellaneous credit at the 200 level

TESL8220: The Structure and Sound of English I: 0.50 INED miscellaneous credit at the 300 level

FPLT8300: Field Placement I (Teaching English as a Second Language): 0.25 INED miscellaneous credit at the 300 level