Social Entrepreneurship Option

The SE Option is comprised of 4.0 mandatory credits. Included are the following Core courses:

    1. Two of either AN100, CS101, EM202, ES110, GG102, GS101, KS100, NO105, PO101, PP110, SY101, UU101WS100;
    2. All of SE200, SE300, CMEG300 and SE400*.

      In addition, students must complete an experiential learning requirement that may be satisfied by completing either:
    3. The Arts Global Experience (AGX), comprised of GS391°, GS392 or GS393*, and GS394° (total 1.0 or 1.5 credits) and an international or substantially equivalent Canadian placement (refer to Honours BA Global Studies for details about the Arts Global Experience); or
    4. SE364*/GS364* - Social Innovation in the City- Social Innovation in the City (1.0 credit).

    Note*: GS393*, SE400* and SE/GS364* are 1.0 credit each.