Honours BA Public Safety

The Honours Bachelor of Arts Public Safety program is a part-time, online, professionally focused program designed exclusively for specific college program graduates interested in the application of knowledge, and the demonstration of appropriate communication and professionalism skills necessary for success in public safety careers. Students will be granted Advanced Standing status upon entrance into the program. Transfer credits will appear on the students’ records in the last term of study prior to graduation. This program is not eligible for OSAP. 

Program Requirements: 10.0 credits, including 2.0 credits from Category A and 8.0 credits from Category B.

 Category A:

HR260/SOJE260 - Introduction to Human Rights 
HS200 - Social Determinants of Health 
OL200/MB200 - Communication Skills for Leadership - Communication Skills for Leadership
SAFE200 - Public Safety Administration and Government Relations 

Category B:

HS302 - Issues in Mental Health 
OL233/HS233/CC233 - Introduction to Social Science Research Methods 
OL300 - Leadership Ethics 
PD301 - Policing a Complex and Diverse Community 
PD302 - Indigenous Peoples’ Political Structures 
PD403 - Immigration and Conflict Zones 
PO301/NO301 - Drugs, Guns and Trucks: Commerce and Contraband Across North America 
PO322 - Contemporary Security Issues 
PD206 - Public Safety Policy Analysis 
PD400 - Research Methods II (Qualitative Methods and Legal Research) 
SAFE203 - Critical Infrastructures 
SAFE313 - Principles of Fire and Emergency Services 
SAFE314 - GIS and Data Analysis in Public Safety 
SAFE316 - Theories of Correctional Justice 
SAFE402 - Cultural Competencies and Trauma 
SAFE416 - Information Security in the 21st Century