Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science in Community Health

The Honours BASc in Community Health consists of 20.0 credits, of which not more than 7.0 may be at the 100 level.

Students must complete 13.0 credits including all required courses (10.0 credits), plus a minimum of 1.5 additional Public Health credits, and 1.5 additional Community Health credits.
All students in the program must complete the Foundations curriculum (2.0 credits): BF190, BF199, BF290, BF299.

Required Courses: (10.0 credits)
BI110 - Unifying Life Processes
BI111 - Biological Diversity and Evolution
BI236 - Cell Biology
CH110 - Fundamentals of Chemistry I
CH111 - Fundamentals of Chemistry II
HS102 - An Introduction to Public Health
HS200 - Social Determinants of Health
HS201 - Canadian Health Care Systems
HS202 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I
HS204 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II
HS220 - Epidemiology and Public Health
HS300 - Infection and Immunity
HS301 - Occupational Health and Safety
HS314 - Health Promotion
HS321 - Health Program Evaluation
HS322 - Health Policy
HS324 - Biostatistics
HS401* - Current Developments in Health Studies or HS402* - Health Studies Practicum
HS409 - Infection Control and Prevention

Community Health Courses: (a minimum of 1.5 credits) selected from:
CH202 - Organic Chemistry I: Fundamentals
HS206 - Genetics and the Human Genome
HS303 - Environment and Health
HS304 - Nutrition and Metabolism
HS308 - Parasitology for Public Health
HS315 - Pathophysiology
HS326 - Human Pharmacology
HS333 - Forensic Laboratory Methods I
HS334 - Forensic Laboratory Methods II
HS340 - Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology

Additional Community Health Courses: (a minimum of 1.5 credits) selected from:
HS203 - Disease and Society
HS208 - Autism: Individual and Social Issues across the Spectrum
HS219 - Critical Disabilities Studies
HS227 - Aging: Realities and Myths
HS250 - Medicalization
HS266 - Health and Nutrition
HS302 - Issues in Mental Health
HS305 - Development of the Health Professions
HS307 - Child and Youth Health
HS312 - Mental Health and Justice
HS325 - Qualitative Methods in Health Research
HS329 - Global Health and Social Justice
HS331 - Gerontology
HS344 - Health and Gender
HS347 - The Body
HS405 - Special Topics in Health
HS408 - Power, Politics and Health
HS410 - Death and Dying
HS411 - Critical Perspectives on Sexuality, Health and Society
HS412 - Directed Studies
PP217 - Medical Ethics

Additional Information

  1. For progression and graduation, a minimum cumulative overall GPA of 6.0 is required.
  2. Students who successfully completed all credits of the program (20.0), but who cannot graduate because their GPA is insufficient, have the option of receiving a General Bachelor of Arts and Science degree if they have achieved a minimum cumulative overall GPA of 4.00.
  3. Students in Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science in Public Health are excluded from completing the Community Health minor.