Judaism Minor

This minor provides students with a supplemental course of study focusing on historical, philosophical, secular, and religious development of Jewish thought and traditions. It attracts students from diverse faculties who engage critically in the study of history, philosophy, education, global citizenship, and social sciences. The minor's core courses encourage firsthand interaction with the original works of Jewish tradition and thought, as well as with analysis of philosophical and historical environments whereby their significance is established and/or further developed.

A minimum 3.0 credits are required for the Minor.
No more than 1.0 credit may be at the 100-level; 2.0 senior credits are required.

A) Required courses (1.0 credit):

GC205 - Why Am I Here?: Worldview, Meaning-Making, and Authenticity
GC270 - Jewish Studies and Practice (see Note #2) 

B) Core courses (1.0-2.0 credits): (See Note #3)

GC272 - Jewish Business Ethics
GC275 - Antisemitism, Anti-Judaism, and Judeophobia
GC280 - Special Topics in Public Ethics and Spirituality
GC372 - Abrahamic Faiths: Mysticisms
GC373 - Abrahamic Faiths: History/Beliefs
GC374 - Bob Dylan: Jewish Ethics
GC378 - Death, Dying, and Leonard Cohen
GC380 - Special Topics in Christian Studies and Global Citizenship

C) Elective courses (up to 1.0 credit): (See Notes #1, 3)

Additional Information
Program Note

1.  Other courses offered by these departments as well as select courses other departments may also be counted towards this requirement. Such courses must be approved in advance and in consultation with the Advisor in the host department and the Student Advisor in Martin Luther University College. When choosing courses, please keep in mind that many of these courses have prerequisites. While the prerequisites may be waived at the discretion of program or department administering the course, it is the responsibility of the student to make these arrangements as needed.

2.   Students with a foundational background in Jewish education may be eligible to have this requirement waived, in consultation with the Student Advisor in Martin Luther University College. Where this requirement is waived, students are required to replace the course with 0.5 credit listed under B) Core Courses.

3.   Sections B (Core Courses) and C (Elective Courses), when combined, must equal 2.0 credits total.

4.   Refer also to the Regulations Governing All Minors.