Law Option

The Law Option provides students on Laurier's Brantford campus with the opportunity to study the legal and social dimensions of law in Canada. Students will critically engage with legal doctrine, jurisprudence, statutes and regulations, and processes and practices in Canada's legal systems. The option will be appealing to students who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies of law or employment opportunities in law-related careers, such as working in the justice system (policing, corrections, legal services), government policy, or in Canadian or international advocacy organizations.

The Law Option consists of 4.0 credits. A cumulative GPA of 7.00 in the courses specific to the Law Option is required to graduate with the option.

Required Courses: (1.0 credit)
LY100, LY201.

Elective Courses: (3.0 credits)
LY205, LY206, LY216, LY304, HR323/LY323, HR333/LY333, LY334, HR335/LY335, LY401.

Additional Information

Students completing an Honours BA degree in Law & Society are not eligible to graduate with the Law Option.