Public History Specialization (Brantford)

The Public History specialization is a response to important emerging trends in contemporary culture. While positions in academics and teaching continue to be sought after by history graduates, careers in fields such as museum management and curatorship, heritage, documentary filmmaking and policy development in the realm of culture are growing in popularity. Meanwhile, citizens' understanding of the past is mediated, not only by the work of professional historians, but by a variety of forces including historic sites, museums, monuments, documentaries, television programs and historical fiction.

The specialization will allow History majors to maximize History electives to satisfy their interest in the connection between the past and contemporary events. Students will explore the societal value of historical context in film, fiction, games and music, as well how history impacts social change and reconciliation, the design of historical spaces and the preservation, display and interpretation of artifacts.

Required History Courses (1.0 Credit):

HI240 - The Active Historian
HI323 - Memory, Monuments and Museums

0.5 credit chosen from:
AR101 - Invitation to Archaeology
AR228 - Who Owns the Past?
DMJN202 - Cross-Media Storytelling
DMJN252/HR252 - Designing Digital and Social Media
HI256 - Human Rights in World History
HI260 - History on Film
HI286 - Interpreting Digital Data
HI394 - Local and Family History: Researching our Past (Online)
HR322/OL322 - Non-Profits and NGOs
ID205/SOJE205 - Indigenous Peoples and the Academy
SOJE204 - Social and Environmental Justice in Practice
UX100 - Design Thinking I: Foundations
UX205 - Information Design