Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology

The Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology degree in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education consists of a minimum of 20.0 credits, not more than 6.5 of which may be at the 100 level. The program must include at least 9.5 and may include at most 10.0 senior credits in Kinesiology. Non-KP electives may be taken from any discipline.

Year 1
(2.0 required KP credits, 2.0 required non-KP, 1.0 non-KP electives):
KP100, KP141, KP161, KP181
Both BI110 and BI111
Both PS101 and PS102
Non-KP Electives (1.0 credit)

Year 2

(3.5 required KP credits, 1.5 non-KP electives):
KP211/SY211, KP200, KP221/HN210, KP222/HN220, KP231, KP251, KP290
Non-KP Electives (1.5 credits)

Year 3
(1.5 required KP credits, 3.5 KP and Non-KP electives):
KP322, KP390; KP300 OR KP344
Non-KP Electives (2.0 credits)

Remainder of Year 3 and Year 4
(additional 4.5 to 5.0 credits KP electives):
KP Electives at the 300 level (1.5 credits)
KP Electives at the 400 level (1.5 credits)
Senior KP Electives (1.5 credits - mandatory): students may take KP201 and KP202 as senior KP electives.
Senior Electives (2.0 credits - mandatory)(0.5 may be KP)

Additional Information
Program Requirements

  1. Progression requirements for the Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology program are based on grade point averages (GPA) obtained from all courses taken and are calculated on a cumulative basis.
  2. For progression from year-to-year, the requirements are a minimum GPA of 5.00 (C) in Kinesiology and Physical Education courses, and a minimum overall GPA (including KP courses) of 5.00 (C).
  3. For graduation with the Honours degree, the requirements are a minimum cumulative GPA of 7.00 (B-) in Kinesiology and Physical Education courses, and a minimum overall GPA (including KP courses) of 5.00 (C).
    BKin students who do not meet the Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology degree GPA graduation requirements of a 7.00 GPA in cumulative KP courses and 5.00 GPA in cumulative overall courses (including KP courses) but who have completed all program requirements (including leadership/activity experience) for the degree would be eligible to graduate from the Faculty of Science with a Bachelor of Kinesiology (non-honours) degree provided they are at or above a 5.00 GPA in cumulative KP courses and 5.0 in cumulative overall courses (KP courses included).

  4. Every student must gain a minimum of 96 hours of community related leadership/activity experiences. These shall be obtained by participating in between 2 and 4 different applied experiences related to their studies in Kinesiology or Physical Education, with no fewer than 16 hours for any one experience. These experiences shall be leadership oriented, have an applied educational component and involve participation in some form of volunteer or paid activity in the community. These activities shall involve the student in some form of leadership, administrative, instructing, or service capacity related to the wide scope of kinesiology, physical activity, recreation and applied health.
    All leadership/activity experiences must be approved, prior to their commencement, by the department's undergraduate advisor or chair.