Honours BSc Computer Science Combined with Conestoga College Software Engineering Technology Diploma

This program is a joint offering involving the Conestoga Software Engineering Technology diploma program and the Laurier Honours Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program.

The articulation agreement continues the development of synergistic links between Conestoga and Laurier. In particular, Conestoga's Software Engineering Technology diploma program and Laurier's Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science are combined in such a way that students can gain the benefits of both significant practical experience in computing at Conestoga and the more theoretical education in foundations in computer science at Laurier. This combination will enhance the educational experience of qualified students, and increase their job opportunities.

Normally, students would first complete the Software Engineering Technology Diploma at Conestoga, then be accepted at Laurier to complete part of Year 2, plus Years 3 and 4, of the Computer Science BSc degree. Thus, over a five-and-a-half-year study period, students would be able to obtain both an Honours BSc degree in Computer Science from Laurier and a Software Engineering Technology diploma from Conestoga.

Year 1:
Fall: MA102, MA121, MA122, 1.0 elective credit
Winter: MA103, MA238, CP264, CP372, 0.5 elective credit

Year 2:
Fall: CP312, ST230, 1.5 elective credits
Winter: CP373, CP414, 1.5 elective credits

Year 3:
Fall: 2.5 elective credits

Additional Information
Program Regulations

  1. The program must include at least 12.5 credits of Laurier courses, of which at most 3.0 may be at the 100-level (including the required courses above).
  2. The electives must include at least 4.0 credits in senior CP courses from Laurier, but may not include: CP104, CP164, PC220/CP220, CP212, CP213, CP216, CP316, CP317, CP363, CP367, CP386, CP411, CP476.
  3. The electives must also include at least 1.0 credit from a discipline outside of the Faculty of Science.