Honours BA Computer Science in Combination with another Honours BA program

The combined Honours BA Computer Science program consists of 20.0 credits of which not more than 6.0 may be taken at the 100 level. A minimum of 7.0 senior Computer Science credits is required.

Required courses:
CP104, CP164, CP213, CP214, CP216, CP220/PC220, CP264, CP312, CP317, CP363, CP372, CP386, CP414 and at least 1.5 additional senior Computer Science credits, which must include at least 1.0 credit at the 400 level.
MA103, MA122
ST230 (or a statistics or research methods course from the other BA major).

Degree Program Electives: An additional 12.0 credits toward the required degree total of 20.0 credits, which includes the second BA major, and MA and ST required courses above

Additional Information
Program Notes

  1. Students who do not take a research methods course in their other major are required to take ST230.
  2. Based on the results of the Calculus Preparation Evaluation, an entering student may be required to complete MA102 prior to completing MA103.