Muslim Studies Option

The Muslim Studies Option consists of a minimum of 4.0 credits. Students must complete the two required core courses (1.0 credit) and a minimum of 3.0 elective credits. In order to graduate, a GPA of 6.00 in the courses included in the Muslim Studies Option is required.

Required Core Courses (1.0 credit):
MZ200 - Introduction to Muslim Studies
MZ201/RE213 - Religious Heritage of Islam

Elective Courses (3.0 credits)
AB101 - Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I
AB102 - Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II
AB201 - Intermediate Arabic I
AB202 - Intermediate Arabic II
GS221 - The Cosmopolitan Village?
GS222 - Contemporary Western Societies
GS325 - Religion, Culture and Society
GS422 - Dialogue and Critique in an Age of Terror
HI228 - Survey of Modern Asian History
HI265 - Ten Moments that made the Middle East
HI325 - Imperial Fantasies: The Rise and Fall of the British empire
HI368 - The Ottoman Empire
HI410* - Reading Seminar on The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
ML300G - Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Medieval World
MI201 - Mediterranean Culture and Civilization I
MI202 - Mediterranean Culture and Civilization II
MZ300 - Special Topics in Muslim Studies
PP220 - Indian Philosophy
PP261 - Medieval Philosophy
RE101 - Religions of the Americas: Asian and Middle Eastern
RE227 - Religions and Cultures of the Middle East
RE338 - Islamic Mysticism
RE377 - Gender and Islam
SY416 - Equity in Education

Additional Information

  1. Muslim Studies strongly encourages the study of languages other than English as an integral part of studying Muslims in the modern world.
  2. For Muslim Studies students who take Year 1 language courses during Year 2, Year 3, or Year 4, and who have already accumulated 6.0 junior credits, these courses will not be counted toward the maximum 6.0 limit on 100 level credits. Language courses may be taken at WLU, at other recognized universities in Canada, or abroad on a letter of permission and with the prior written consent of the Muslim Studies Program Co-ordinator. Language courses are courses that are not taught in English, and focus on grammar, verbal and written communication skills in a second language. Students are advised to seek advice from the Program Co-ordinator about different study possibilities.
  3. In addition, when choosing elective courses, note that some of these courses have prerequisites. Although these prerequisites may be waived by the program or department administering the course, it is the responsibility of the student to make such arrangements.
  4. Completion of the option requirements will result in a "Muslim Studies Option" designation on the student transcript.