Youth and Children: Texts and Contexts Minor

The Minor in Youth and Children: Texts and Contexts is designed for students who seek to combine a foundational knowledge of diverse texts produced for/by children with an understanding of the social and cultural factors that shape young peoples' lives. The minor is composed of at least 3.0 credits from programs in the Faculties of Arts and Liberal Arts as follows:

0.5 credit in 100-level English courses (excluding EN190)
0.5 credit in  YC100 - Studying Youth and Children: An Introduction

2.0 credits in the following courses (of which at least 1.0 credit must be from EN courses):
AR332 - Children in the Ancient World
EN201 - Children's Literature
EN213 - The Child in African Literature and Popular Culture
EN285 - Tween Literature and Culture
EN286 - Young Adult Literature
FS260 - Youth Culture in Film
SY303 - Sociology of Youth
SY412 - Constructions of Parenthood and Childhood in Canada
WS203 - Girls, Women and Popular Culture
YC200 - Youth and Children Through the Ages
YC326 - Children, Toys and Media

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