Spanish Minor

The Minor in Spanish consists of 1.5 credits from Category A and 1.5 credits from Category B:

A. Language, Linguistics, and Translation
SP101, SP102, or SP100*; SP201, SP250, SP288* (counts as 0.5 in A and 0.5 in B), SP308, SP318, SP401, SP408, SP451.
At UW: SPAN290, SPAN301A, SPAN301B, SPAN390, SPAN490.

B. Literature, Culture, and Visual Arts
SP223, SP288*, SP265, SP266, SP288* (counts as 0.5 in A and 0.5 in B), SP321, SP325, SP327, SP328, SP405, SP436, SP446, SP465, SP466, SP496.

Additional Information
Program Notes

  1. Students should consult with the Languages and Literatures Undergraduate Officer to verify in which category a Spanish course at the University of Waterloo counts.
  2. No courses taught in English count towards the Spanish minor.
  3. Refer to  Regulations Governing all Minors.