Diploma in Opera

The Opera Diploma program is intended for singers who have completed an undergraduate degree or diploma in music and who wish to continue their studies in voice and opera. The diploma requires the completion, within two consecutive academic terms (fall/winter) of 4.5 credits with an overall GPA of 7.00 (B-). For admission to the program, students must have completed all prerequisites, perform a live audition successfully, and be admitted to the university. Pre-screening tapes (audio or video with good audio quality) may be submitted for consideration, but are not substitutes for a live audition.

Prerequisites: MU298*, MU490, and two 100-level (or equivalent) language courses from French, German, Italian and Russian, or permission of the dean.

Required credits: MU398* or MU498*; MU491B*; MU491R; and 2.0 additional credits (refer to list below), chosen from voice, drama, acting, languages, and music history (200 level or higher) courses. If not already taken as part of the student's undergraduate degree, diploma students must take MU284, MU294, and two 100-level language courses chosen from among French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish among the required credits. Depending on the student's prior experience in voice, opera, music history and drama, other electives may be considered such as accompanying, coaching and dance. Each student's program must be approved by the dean and by the co-ordinator of opera.

All students must be registered full-time while in MU491B* and MU491R, which must be completed in winter term.

Students in this program may not repeat courses.

2.0 Additional Senior Credits (chosen from voice, drama, languages and music history)