Youth and Children's Studies Minor

The minor in Youth and Children's Studies consists of 3.0 credits:

1.0 credit in Required Courses::
YC100 - Studying Youth and Children: An Introduction
YC200 - Youth and Children Through the Ages

and 2.0 credits chosen from:
YC201 - Research Methods: Youth and Children
YC208/ID208 - Indigenous Play and Games
YC230 - Children and Music
YC231/WORK231 - Millennial Workers: Children, Youth and Labour
YC245 - Children, Numeracy and Society
YC302/ID302 - Indigenous Children and Families
YC310 - Adoption: Past and Present
YC319/HR319 - Children/Youth and Disabilities: Inclusion and Human Rights
YC320/HR320 - Children’s Rights
YC326/SOJE326 - Children, Toys and Media
YC350 - Special Topics in Youth and Children’s Studies
YC365/HR365 - Immigrant and Ethno-Racial Youth

Additional Information

  1. BSW students are permitted to use SK423 - Child Welfare Practice, as a 0.5 credit towards the minor.
  2. Refer also to the Regulations Governing Minors.