International Development Specialization

Many students are interested in Human Rights and Human Diversity (HRHD) because they intend to positively impact on the world through careers in the field of international development. The Specialization in International Development is intended to enable Honours Human Rights and Human Diversity students to develop knowledge and skills that, when combined with the Honours BA in HRHD, will prepare them to assume entry-level positions with international development organizations or to pursue their education further in postgraduate programs in international development. Completion of the specialization will result in a "International Development Specialization" designation appearing on students' official university transcripts. Students who complete the HRHD Specialization in International Development cannot also receive credit for the International Development Option.

All HRHD majors are eligible to apply to have a specialization or specializations (two maximum) added to their Honours major beginning in Year 2 of their program. To do so, students must complete and submit the appropriate program selection form. After a student's eligibility has been confirmed, the specialization(s) will be added to their program.

To graduate with this specialization, students must:

  1. complete the requirements of the HRHD Honours BA or Honours BA in Combination with another Honours BA Program; and
  2. complete the courses described below.

Where applicable, the courses described below may also be counted towards the requirements of the Human Rights and Human Diversity BA and BA in Combination with another Honours BA program.

Required Courses: (2.0 credits)
EC140 - Introduction to Macroeconomics
HR163 - Introduction to International Development
HR263 - The Developing World
HR301/OL301 - Development Theories, Strategies and Issues

Elective Courses: (1.0 credit)
Additional credits chosen from the following list of elective courses. Students should be aware that some of these courses have prerequisites and not all will be offered at the Brantford Campus. Although these prerequisites may be waived by the program or department administering the course, it is the responsibility of the student to make such arrangements.
CC325/HR325 - Crimes Against Humanity
CC326/HR326 - Transitional Justice
DMJN327/MX327 - Social Documentary
EC120 - Introduction to Microeconomics
FR150 - Practical French I or FR250 - Language through Popular Culture I, or SP101 - Introduction to Spanish I  [or similar university course in other international languages-consult program co-ordinator for approval]
HR223/DMJN223 - Understanding Public Policy for Issue Advocacy
HR231 - Human Rights and the Environment
HR232 - Women, Rights, and Equality
HR320/YC320 - Children's Rights
HR322/OL322 - Non-Governmental Organizations
HR329/HS329 - Global Health and Social Justice
HR391 - Canadian Internship/Field Placement
HR392 - International Internship/Field Placement
HR394* - Extended Internship/Field Placement
HS203/SOJE203 - Disease and Society
OL251/HR251 - Workplace Diversity in the 21st Century