Community Psychology and Social Change Minor

This minor provides an introduction to key principles in promoting health and wellbeing, community engagement, and social change through research, action, and policy.

The minor includes:
2.5 credits from the following list:

PS285, PS287, PS374, PS382, PS383, PS389, PS398 (or SY489), 
CMEG300HE301, HE411ID120/SOJE120, UU101.

Additional Information

  1. The minor is available at both the Waterloo and Brantford Campuses.
  2. HE courses are available only to Health Sciences students.
  3. UU150 is required for all courses with a Community Service Learning (CSL) requirement.
  4. Only one Psychology minor may be declared.
  5. Exclusion: Students enrolled in any Psychology major.
  6. Refer to Regulations Governing all Minors/Options.