Honours BSc Psychology and Neuroscience

The Honours BSc Psychology and Neuroscience program provides students with a science education that includes broad exposure to the major sub-fields of psychology along with specialization in neuroscience. It is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and information useful for careers in the neurosciences, pharmaceutical industry, biomedical sciences, as well as a variety of other career options.

The Honours BSc Psychology and Neuroscience program consists of 20.0 credits, including at least 10.0 but not more than 12.0 credits in Psychology. A minimum of 13.5 senior credits must be included in the program. Electives must include at least 1.0 credits from a discipline outside of the Faculty of Science.

  • A) Students who plan to apply to graduate school in neuroscience or psychology or who have a strong interest in, and commitment to, conducting original research should complete a thesis (PS499*). 
  • B) Students who do not intend to pursue graduate studies but are interested in further training (e.g., medical careers, speech pathology, law school, teachers' college) or work as paraprofessionals in the social service or mental health areas may choose the Honours BSc Psychology and Neuroscience program without the PS499* Thesis option.

Additional Information
Program Requirements

  1. Progression from Year 1 to Year 2 requires a GPA of at least 5.00 in PS101 and PS102 and a 5.00 GPA overall. Progression from Year 2 to 3, and from Year 3 to 4 requires a 6.00 GPA in Psychology and a 5.00 GPA overall, or permission of the department. Progression into year 3 also requires a 4.0 GP (C-) in each of PS295 and PS296. For graduation, a 6.00 GPA in Psychology credits and a 6.00 GPA overall are required.
  2. At least 4.0 senior credits in Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, or Physics, eligible for credit towards a BSc program, must be completed by the end of Year 4.
  3. It is recommended that all students considering graduate work apply for the thesis course (PS499*). Students who do not take PS499* must substitute a 1.0 credit equivalent in psychology at the 300 or 400 level. Students are advised that admission to the Honours BSc Psychology and Neuroscience program does not guarantee admission to PS499*. Students who wish to complete a thesis (PS499*) must apply at the end of Year 3. Students typically must obtain a minimum GPA of 8.50 in psychology courses to be eligible to apply for PS499*.
  4. Refer to the Graduation/Degree Regulations for an alternate graduation option if honours degree requirements are not met.

Program Regulations

Year 1 (5.0 credits)
PS101 and PS102;
BI110 and BI111;
Two of: both CH110 and CH111; CP104, CP164, PC141 (PC131), PC142 (PC132) or MA101 (CP104, CP164 or MA101 may be taken in year 2).
1.5 elective credits

Electives must include at least 1.0 credits from a discipline outside of the Faculty of Science, which may
be completed in any year of study.
Note: students who wish to complete PS275, PS276, PS282, PS283, or PS383 in senior years must first complete UU150.

Year 2 (5.0 credits)
PS295, PS296.
Three of: PS260, PS261, PS262, PS263, PS267 (at least one must be PS263 or PS267).
At least two of: BI226, BI302, CH202, CH250, CP104, CP164, or MA101 (CP104, CP164, or MA101 can be selected only if not used to meet Year 1 requirements).
One of: PS270, PS275, or PS276.
One of: PS280 or PS282.
0.5 elective credits

Year 3 and 4 (5.0 credits in each year)
PS365, PS394, PS395.
Three of: PS360, PS361, PS362, PS363, PS367 (at least one must be PS363 or PS367).
At least two of: PS460, PS461, PS462, PS463, PS467 (at least one must be PS463 or PS467).
Either PS499* or 1.0 additional PS credit at the 300 or 400 level.
Additional 0.5 elective Psychology credit.