Research Specialization

The History Research Specialization is available to Honours BA History and Combined Honours BA students. Students normally apply at the end of Year 2. Submit the Program Selection Form on the Office of Enrolment Services website. Entry into the program is competitive and decisions are based on the applicant's History GPA as of April 30.

To be eligible, a student must have a minimum GPA of 9.0 in all History courses prior to admission. To proceed in and graduate with the specialization, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 9.0 in all History courses.

The History Research Specialization includes HI398 (normally completed in Year 3) and a minimum of 4.0 credits of 400 level History courses.

Year 3
1.5 credits of 300 level History
0.5 credit of HI 398
1.0 credits of 200 or 300 level History

Year 4
2.0 credits of 400 level History Readings Seminars
2.0 credits of 400 level History Research Seminars

Additional Information

To ensure departmental approval for your application, contact Dr. Amy Milne-Smith, History Department, Undergraduate Advisor, at