Honours BA History in Combination with another Honours BA Program

The combined Honours History program consists of 20.0 credits. Not more than 6.0 of these may be at the 100 level, and 1.0 of these must be in History. A minimum of 6.0 History credits at the senior level is required. The 7.0 History credits must fulfill the following area requirements:

1.0 credit Canadian history (courses that count towards this requirement are marked {C}):

HI111, HI112, HI212, HI213, HI234, HI246, HI258, HI292, HI293, HI320, HI321, HI322, HI327, HI328, HI337, HI338, HI339, HI341, HI344, HI345, HI375, HI377, HI394, HI397, HI423*, HI424*, HI425*, HI426*, HI427*, HI429*, HI430*, HI473*, HI474*, HI475*, HI476*, HI479*, HI480*


1.0 credit Global history area (courses that count towards this requirement are marked {G}):
HI121, HI127, HI128, HI130, HI131, HI199, HI224, HI228, HI229, HI235, HI236, HI249, HI256, HI258, HI259, HI265, HI282, HI283, HI285, HI302, HI306, HI307, HI316, HI325, HI348, HI349, HI368, HI369, HI373, HI385, HI386, HI391, HI392, HI395, HI396, HI402*, HI404*, HI417*, HI418*, HI452*, HI454*, HI456*, HI460*, HI467*, HI468*

1.0 credit Pre-Modern history (courses that count towards this requirement are marked {P}):
HI101, HI102, HI111, HI121, HI131, HI201, HI205, HI217, HI219, HI224, HI225, HI226, HI235, HI236, HI237, HI252, HI255, HI261, HI281, HI282, HI283, HI285, HI289HI301, HI302, HI305, HI308, HI309, HI310, HI311, HI316, HI321, HI324, HI358, HI361, HI374, HI382, HI383, HI384, HI385, HI390, HI391, HI400*, HI401*, HI431*, HI448*, HI450*, HI451*, HI481*, HI498*

Year 1
1.0 credit of 100 level History

Year 2
2.0 credits of 200 level History

Year 3
2.0 credits of 300 level History

Year 4
1.0 credit of 400 level History Reading Seminar
1.0 credit of 400 level History Research Seminar

Degree Program Electives: An additional 13.0 credits toward the degree total of 20.0 credits, which includes the second Honours BA major.

Additional Information
Program Notes

  1. For advice on which history courses best suit their particular combined program, students should consult the department.
  2. If combining the History major with Ancient Studies, refer to regulations under the Ancient Studies combined program.
  3. Refer to the University Regulations chapter for progression and course regulations and the earlier section regarding Regulations for All Honours Programs.