Honours BA Sociology

The Honours BA Sociology program consists of 20.0 credits, of which at least 14.0 must be at the senior level. A minimum of 10.0 (9.0 senior) and a maximum of 14.0 credits in Sociology must be completed including:
SY101, SY103 (or SY102); SY207 and SY208 (or SY203*); SY210, SY280, SY281, SY382; SY389.
2.5 additional SY credits at the 200 or 300 level;
1.5 additional SY credits at the 300 level; and
1.5 SY credits at the 400 level.

Degree Program Electives: An additional 10.0 credits toward the degree total of 20.0 credits, which includes not more than 3.0 senior SY credits and 5.0 100-level credits. The program must include EN190.

Additional Information

  1. The formerly cross-listed RE380 will continue to count as a credit in the Sociology program.
  2. Students are recommended not to take both SY102 and SY103.
  3. EN190 will not be calculated in the SY GPA or toward the SY credit count.
  4. Refer to the University Regulations chapter for progression and course regulations and the earlier section regarding Regulations for All Honours Programs.