Honours BA Humanities with Leadership Foundations

The Honours BA Humanities with Leadership Foundations degree includes 11.0 credits consisting of:

  • 1.0 credit of interdisciplinary seminar courses:
    HMLD100 - Introductory Humanities Seminar
    HMLD400 - Capstone
  • MB109/OL109, OL140, PD224/OL224, OL485 plus 1.0 additional senior Leadership (OL) credit;
  • 5.0 credits chosen from English, History, and Philosophy at the 200 or 300 level; minimum of 0.5 credits (1 course) from each;
  • 2.0 additional senior credits including courses in Leadership, History, English, Philosophy and other discipline courses included in the list below.
    Students should be aware that some of these courses have prerequisites:

DD312a Using Games to Change the World
DMJN252/HR252 - Designing Digital and Social Media
HR223/DMJN223 - Understanding Public Policy for Issue Advocacy
HR260/SOJE260 - Introduction to Human Rights
HR231 - Human Rights and the Environment
HR261 - Multiculturalism
HS227/SOJE227 - Aging: Realities and Myths
ID201 - Indigenous Perspectives on Globalization
ID208/YC208 - Indigenous Play and Games
LY201 - The Canadian Legal System I
LY202 - The Canadian Legal System II
LY212 - Law and Culture
PD201 - Intercultural Communication in Policing
PD203 - Diversity in Policing
PS260 - Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
PS270 - Social Psychology
PS272 - Group Processes
PS276 - Introduction to Developmental Psychology: Adolescence and Young Adulthood
PS284 - Organizational Psychology
PS389 - Positive Psychology
SOJE203/HS203 - Disease and Society
SOJE204 - Social and Environmental Justice in Practice
SOJE215 - Environmental Concerns: From the Grand to the Globe
SOJE222/MX222/DMJN222 - Digital and Social Media: Critical Approaches
SOJE226/DMJN226/MX226 - The Media in a Global World
SOJE250 - Understanding Global Capitalism
SOJE252 - Niagara Falls
SOJE255 - The Democratic Imagination
UX300 - Information Design
WORK210 - Workers, Unions and Social Justice
WORK231/YC231 - Millennial Workers: Children, Youth and Labour
WORK240 - Migrant Labour, Global and Local
WORK310 - Class and Work: Legal and Economic Perspectives
YC200 - Youth and Children Through the Ages

Additional Information
Program Notes and Regulations

  1. This program excludes completion of the Leadership, English, History, and Philosophy minors as well as the Leadership Option and the Practical Ethics and Society Option.
  2. This program may not be completed in combination with any other Honours program.
  3. Transfer students meeting specific pathway requirements may be eligible for a maximum of 10.0 credits towards completion of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Humanities with Leadership Foundations. Students qualifying for any block transfer credit pathway with this program will complete a minimum of two credits of Foundations courses required by all students in the Faculties of Liberal Arts and Human and Social Sciences. A minimum of 8.0 required credits from the Humanities and Leadership Foundations program will be required for all pathways.
  4. This program will follow the Academic Regulations for all Honours BA programs in the Faculty of Liberal Arts. The major GPA includes all interdisciplinary required and elective courses.