Honours BSc Biology

The Honours BSc Biology program consists of a minimum of 20.0 credits, including at least 10.0 but no more than 11.0 senior Biology credits. This program offers students an integrative approach to the study of biology, linking processes at the molecular level to the structure of whole organisms and processes operating at the level of populations and communities. Students may use their senior Biology courses to fulfill the requirements for one of three concentrations and/or research specialization. The program shall include no more than 6.0 100 level credits and requires at least 14.0 senior credits. The program must include the following:

Required Courses:
BI110, BI111; BI226, BI236, BI256, BI266, BI276, BI296; and at least 7.0 additional senior BI credits, of which at least 5.0 must be at the 300 or 400 level.
CH110, CH111, CH202, CH203, CH250, CH350;
MA100, MA101, ST231 and PC141 (or PC131) (PC141 recommended);
0.5 credit from: CP104, GG101, PC142 (or PC132) (refer to Note 3 for recommendations)

Degree Program Electives:
An additional 3.5 elective credits, refer to Note 2.

Additional Information
Program Regulations

  1. For progression into Years 2, 3 and 4, and for graduation, a cumulative GPA of at least 5.00 in Biology and an overall GPA of at least 5.00 are required.
  2. Electives (3.5 credits in the program) must include at least 1.5 credits at the senior level and at least 1.0 credit from outside of Biology of which 0.5 credit must be from a discipline outside of those offered by the Faculty of Science.
  3. PC142 (or PC132) is recommended for students planning to take senior BI courses in physiology or planning a career in health sciences. GG101is recommended for students with interests in the Environmental Sciences or physical geography.
  4. Senior HN and senior WASC courses count as senior BI courses to fulfill program requirements; grades earned are included in the cumulative GPA in Biology.
  5. For students considering graduate studies, it is recommended that the BI499‡ thesis be taken in Year 4. Students wishing to complete the thesis course must apply to the department to take BI499‡ by mid-February of Year 3. Admission to BI499 requires a minimum GPA in biology courses of 7.0 and will depend on the availability of supervisors. Admission decisions normally will be made by mid-March of Year 3.
  6. Senior honours students are expected to attend all departmental seminars.
  7. The following is a suggested schedule within which all program requirements can be fulfilled.

Course Schedule

Year 1
BI110, BI111, CH110, CH111
MA100, MA101, PC141 (or PC131) (PC141 is recommended)
0.5 credit from: CP104, GG101, PC142 (or PC132) (refer to Note 3 for recommendations.)
1.0 elective credit (refer to Note 2)

Year 2
BI226, BI236, BI256, BI266, BI276, BI296
CH202, CH203, ST231
0.5 elective credit (refer to Note 2)

Year 3
3.0 senior BI credits (refer to program requirements, and Notes 4, 5 and 6)
CH250, CH350
1.0 elective credit (refer to Note 2)

Year 4
4.0 senior BI credits (refer to program requirements, and Notes 4,5 and 6)
1.0 elective credit (refer to Note 2)


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Academic Planning Committee Revisions April 1, 2019: Note #4 revised; effective September 1, 2019.