Honours BA Languages

The Honours BA in Languages consists of 20.0 credits, of which at least 14.0 credits must be at the senior level, and including a minimum of 15.5 credits in required courses. The 15.5 credits are as follows:

A. Linguistic and Cultural Perspectives (1.5 credits from the following courses):
LL200, LL201; LL223, LL224, MI201, MI202 and MI288*.

B. Three Target Languages (14.0 credits):

  1. French
    3.0 credits from language, linguistics, and translation (refer to Notes 1 and 2):
    FR101, FR102, FR150, FR151, FR250, FR251, FR260, FR270, FR300, FR330, FR331, FR360, FR470
    3.0 credits from culture, literature, film, and visual arts  (refer to Notes 1 and 2):
    FR225, FR233, FR234, FR235, FR237, FR238, FR240, FR332, FR334, FR335, FR337, FR338, FR385, FR433, FR435, FR437, FR438, FR485

  2. Spanish
    3.0 credits from language, linguistics, and translation:
    SP100*, SP101, SP102, SP201, SP202, SP288*
    (0.5 credit in language): SP301, SP302, SP304, SP401, SP451, SP461
    3.0 credits from culture, literature, film, and visual arts:
    SP223, SP260, SP266, SP267, SP288*
    (0.5 credit in culture), SP325, SP327, SP328, SP335, SP405, SP436, SP438, SP446, SP465, SP466, SP496, SP498

  3. 3rd language
    2.0 credits in one of Arabic, German or Italian.
C. Degree Program Electives (4.5 credits):

Electives can be chosen from the department (above and beyond the requirements in A and B) or from other areas of the university. These elective credits may form part of a minor.

Additional Information

  1. The following French courses must be taken in numerical sequence: FR101, FR102, FR150, FR151, FR250, FR251, FR360, FR470. Students may not take any of these courses out of sequence, and they cannot take any two of them simultaneously.
  2. SP288* can be used to meet requirements for Spanish language, linguistics and translation or Spanish culture, literature, film and visual arts, but not both.
  3. By agreement, students at WLU and U of W can take some courses at either university. Some courses are cycled from year to year. Consult the department in Year 1 to assist in scheduling the program of studies.
  4. Refer to the University Regulations chapter for progression and course regulations and the earlier section regarding Regulations for All Honours Programs.

Third Year Abroad

The Department of Languages and Literatures recommends that students participate in the third year abroad program, which can be arranged through Laurier International.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Committee Revision March 12, 2019: Program revised; effective date September 1, 2015.