French Option

The French Option consists of a minimum of 4.0 credits.

1.0 credit in language courses:
3.0 credits in additional language, culture, film and literature courses:

Language courses:
FR150 - Practical French I
FR151 - Practical French II
FR250 - Language through Popular Culture I
FR251 - Language through Popular Culture II
FR260 - French Pronunciation: Norm and Variation
FR330 - Advanced Translation I
FR331 - Advanced Translation II
FR360 - Atelier in Composition and Stylistics
FR470 - Atelier in Advanced French

Culture, Film and Literature courses:
FR225 - Le français chanté [Music in French]
FR233 - Early Modern France
FR234 - A Century of Revolutions
FR235 - 20th Century France
FR237 - Québec Culture: Language, Nation and Identity
FR238 - Francophone Culture
FR240 - Media and the News in French
FR290 - A Journey through French Literature
FR332 - Freedom of French Classicism
FR334 - Self and Other
FR335 - Contemporary Literature
FR337 - Quebec Cinema: The Politics of Memory
FR338 - Francophone Myths, Legends and Voodoo
FR370 - Graphic Novels and Animation
FR385 - Innovations in French Cinema
FR433 - Voltaire and Company
FR434 - Love, Sex and Jealousy
FR435 - Literature in Revolt
FR437 - Québec Literature: Critiquing Family, Church and State
FR485 - Adaptation: French Novels into Film

Additional Information

  1. The following French courses must be taken in numerical sequence: FR150, FR151, FR250, FR251, FR360.
  2. Students from French immersion programs are not eligible to take FR150 and FR151. Students graduating from a French high school must consult the academic advisor. Course exclusions: FR101, FR102.
  3. To obtain a French Option designation on their transcripts, students must have a minimum GPA of 7.00 in designated courses (core and electives), computed on all credits claimed for the option.
  4. Students in Honours BA Languages and Literatures, Honours BA French or combined Honours French cannot obtain the option in French. Students cannot obtain both a minor and option in French.