French Minor

Three (3.0) FR credits in total, including:
three of the following courses:
FR150, FR151, FR250, FR251, FR260, FR270, FR300, FR330, FR331, FR360, FR470;

plus three of:
FR225, FR233, FR234, FR235, FR237, FR238, FR290, FR240, FR332, FR334, FR335, FR337, FR338, FR370, FR385, FR433, FR434, FR435, FR437, FR438, FR485.

Additional Information

  1. The following French courses must be taken in numerical sequence:
    FR101, FR102, FR150, FR151, FR250, FR251, FR360.
    Students may not take any of these courses out of sequence, and they cannot take any two of them simultaneously.
  2. Refer to Regulations Governing all Minors.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Committee Revision March 12, 2019: Program revised; effective date September 1, 2019.