Spanish Minor

The Minor in Spanish consists of 3.0 credits including:

1.5 credits in Language, Linguistics, and Translation from the following courses:
SP201, SP202, SP288* (0.5 credit for language), SP301, SP302, SP304, SP401, SP451, SP461.

1.5 credits in Culture, Literature, Film, and Visual Arts from the following courses:
SP223, SP260, SP266, SP267, SP288* (0.5 credit for culture), SP325, SP327, SP328, SP335, SP405, SP436, SP438, SP446, SP465, SP466, SP467, SP496, and SP498.

Additional Information
Program Notes

  1.  Language, Linguistics, and Translation courses offered in Spanish at the University of Waterloo count in the first category of courses listed above; Culture, Literature, Visual Arts, and Film courses offered in Spanish and the University of Waterloo count in the second category listed above.
  2. SP courses taught in English do not count towards the Spanish minor.
  3. Refer to Regulations Governing all Minors.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Committee Revision March 12, 2019: Program revised; effective date September 1, 2015.