Creative Writing Minor

The Minor in Creative Writing consists of a total of 3.0 credits:
1.5 credits of which must include two (0.5-credit each) Year 1 (100-level) English courses: EN107, EN108, EN111, EN112, EN119, EN165, EN190; and 0.5-credit of EN272 - Introduction to Creative Writing.

An additional 1.5 credits should be chosen from the following: EN271, EN369, EN370, EN371 and FS374.

Additional Information

  1. Students completing this minor must declare themselves to be non-English majors; students who have declared an English major may take the Concentration in Creative Writing.
  2. Refer to Regulations Governing all Minors/Options.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Addition February 13, 2018: New Minor; effective September 1, 2018.