Honours BA Labour Studies and Career Development

The Honours Bachelor of Arts Labour Studies and Career Development degree provides interdisciplinary inquiry into the historical and contemporary dimensions of the experience of work and the developing terrain of employment in Canada and the global world.

The Honours BA Labour Studies and Career Development degree consists of 20.0 credits, with no more than 7.0 credits at the 100 level. The program consists of a minimum of 9.5 credits in Labour Studies and Career Development, including a minimum of 9.0 senior credits.

Labour Studies and Career Development Curriculum:

Required (4.5 credits) including: 2.5 credits of WORK:
WORK100 - Work in the 21st Century
WORK210 - Collective Bargaining
WORK231/YC231 - Millennial Workers: Children, Youth and Labour
WORK320 - Global Labour Issues
WORK400 - Strengthening Work in the 21st Century (Capstone)

An additional 2.0 credits:
CT250 - Understanding Global Capitalism
CT310 - Economics, Class & Public Policy
HI338 - Canadian Labour History
LY335 - Labour Law and Labour Rights 

Additional Senior Credits:

Category I: Diversity and Identity (2.5 credits chosen from):
CT355/HR355 - Advancing Racial and Ethnic Equality
CT370 - Gender, Sexuality, and Social Justice
HR251/OL251 - Workplace Diversity in the 21st Century
HS219/HR219 - Critical Disabilities Studies
HS227/CT227 - Aging: Realities and Myths
HS301 - Occupational Health and Safety
ID375 - Indigenous Community Organizing
WORK340 - Work-Life Balance
WS204 - Women, Gender and Work

Category II: Varieties and Contexts (2.5 credits chosen from):
CT204 - Social and Environmental Justice in Practice
CT255 - The Democratic Imagination
CT324 - Globalization, Culture & Society
CT405 - Digital Play, Digital Labour
CT425 - Social and Environmental Capstone: Another World is Possible
HI337 - Canadian Business History
JN208 - Issue-Based Research
OL233 - Introduction to Social Science Research Methods
WORK240 - Migrant Labour, Global and Local
WORK310 - Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration
WORK330 - Innovative Work Arrangements

Degree Program Electives: An additional 10.5 credits toward the degree total of 20.0 credits. All students in the program must complete successfully the Foundations curriculum: BF190, BF199, BF290, BF299.

Additional Information

  1.  Students in the Labour Studies and Career Development program may choose to complete a post-graduate certificate in Human Resource Management or Career Development Practitioner from Conestoga College offered through an agreement with Conestoga College on the Brantford campus of Wilfrid Laurier University. Students who have successfully completed a minimum of 10.0 credits including WORK210 and CT250, with a minimum GPA of 5.0 in Honours WE and 5.00 GPA overall are eligible to enroll, normally during Year 3 of full-time study. Completion of either certificate with a minimum of 70% will allow students to receive 5.0 senior credits including: 1.0 senior WORK credit and 4.0 miscellaneous senior credits.
  2. Students are advised to contact academic advising for assistance with program planning.
  3. Applications for Conestoga College will be available through the Labour Studies and Career Development program.
  4. Completion of the following courses prior to attending Conestoga College is recommended in order to meet prerequisites and graduation requirements for senior level courses in Year 4:
    BF190, BF199, BF290, BF299, WORK100, WORK210, CT250, 1.5 credits from Category I, 1.5 credits from Category II.
  5. This program will follow the Academic Regulations for all Honours BA programs in the Faculty of Liberal Arts. The major GPA includes all interdisciplinary required and elective courses.


Senate/Editorial Changes

Senate Academic Planning Committee Revision February 21, 2017: Course changes; effective September 1, 2017.

Senate Academic Planning Committee Revision March 20, 2017: CT Course changes; effective September 1, 2017.

Senate Committee Revision May 23, 2017: Program name revised; effective September 1, 2017.